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BIM Coordinator Program (English) - October 28, 2024 - December 18, 2024

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▶︎ Format: trainer-led online course
▶︎ Level: expert
▶︎ Duration: 45 hours (8 weeks)

Become a Graphisoft Certified BIM Coordinator. Manage and coordinate BIM-enabled projects, collaborate with other disciplines, and organize your team's daily work in Archicad.

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Graphisoft BIM Coordinator Program

If you are an existing BIM Coordinator or aspiring to become one, this is a great opportunity to get up-to-date with all the relevant information and best practices around coordinating BIM-enabled projects. Attend an 8-week, fun and interactive online program packed with presentations, advice, and virtual activities. Learn from experienced Graphisoft trainers and former BIM Managers and Coordinators, everything you need to know to navigate through the project design stages in an Archicad-based BIM office; from setting up projects, to ensuring the quality of the model, to collaborating with external consultants. Meet other fellow practitioners virtually and share your experiences of working on BIM projects using Archicad. Pass the tests to earn a globally recognized Graphisoft certificate.


Online Delivery Information

The online program will last for 8 weeks, and it will include 7 Learning Paths:

  • Learning Path 1 - The BIM Coordinator's Role
  • Learning Path 2 - Introduction to Standardized Workflows
  • Learning Path 3 - Project Startup Workflows
  • Learning Path 4 - Data Production Workflows
  • Learning Path 5 - Project Development: Challenges and Deliverables
  • Learning Path 6 - Quality Assurance Workflows
  • Learning Path 7 - Project Coordination Workflows

Each Learning Path will include 2 or more courses, categorized as foundation, advanced or expert levels.

Each Learning Path will be comprised of live meetings with the trainers. Some Learning Path will also include presentations from guest speakers, who will share their experience of using Archicad on BIM-enabled projects from various aspects. Several types of resources (such as handouts, which elaborate on what was discussed during the live meetings, Archicad files, etc), will be available for download to attendees to study at their own pace.

For attendees who will not be able to attend the live meetings, recordings will be made available, to watch at a later time.

In total, attendees are expected to dedicate 6 hours each week to attending the live meetings. An extra 3-4 hour engagement per week will be required for the completion of quizzes, exercises and studies.

At the end of each Learning Path, there will be a theoretical or practical assessment. Each Learning Path will grant from 50 to 170 points. The overall result of the quizzes/exercises will be considered for the certification. Participants will require at least 800 points to pass the BIM Coordinator Program. Successful candidates will be awarded the Archicad BIM Coordinator Certificate which will be valid for 2 years.


Learning Path 01 - The BIM Coordinator's Role   

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting BIM Practice & BIM Coordinator's Role

Monday, October 28, 13:00 CET (Budapest)

Marina Cabral

Victor Tatrai

180 minutes

Learning Path 02 - Introduction to Standardized Workflows

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

Global Standards,

ISO 19650 Principles

BIMcloud Principles

Introduction to template creation and strategies

Wednesday, October 30, 13:00 CET (Budapest)

Marina Cabral

Victor Tatrai

180 minutes

Learning Path 03 - Project Startup Workflows

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

Project Startup Principles

Project Startup Strategies

Monday, November 04, 09:00 CET (Budapest) Nando Mogollon 180 minutes
Session 02 Live Meeting Project Startup based on ISO 19650 Wednesday, November 06, 09:00 CET (Budapest) Nando Mogollon 180 minutes

Learning Path 04 - Data Production Workflows

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

Introduction to Data

Data Production

Monday, November 11, 09:00 CET (Budapest) Brendon Reid 180 minutes
Session 02 Live Meeting Expression-Defined Properties Wednesday, November 13, 09:00 CET (Budapest) Brendon Reid 180 minutes

Learning Path 05 - Project Development: Challenges and Deliverables

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

Handling Large Projects

Monday, November 18, 09:00 CET (Budapest) Brendon Reid 180 minutes
Session 02 Live Meeting Architectural Modelling Challenges Wednesday, November 20, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Yasmin Heden 180 minutes
Session 03 Live Meeting Project Deliverables Monday, November 25, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Marina Cabral 180 minutes

Learning Path 06 - Quality Assurance Workflows

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

Basic Model Checks in Archicad 

Quality Assurance Checks in Archicad

Wednesday, November 27, 13:00 CET (Budapest)

Marina Cabral

Jaime Ingram

180 minutes
Session 02 Guest Lecture - Live Meeting Quality Assurance Checks in Solibri Monday, December 02, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Oliver Szeleczky  90 minutes

Learning Path 07 - Project Coordination Workflow, 

Type Topics Date/Time Presenters Duration
Session 01 Live Meeting

OpenBIM Principles

Model Coordination in Archicad Part 01

Wednesday, December 04, 13:00 CET (Budapest)

Zsolt Oncsak

Jaime Ingram

180 minutes
Session 02 Live Meeting Model Coordination in Archicad Part 02 Monday, December 09, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Jaime Ingram 180 minutes
Session 03 Live Meeting Model Coordination in Archicad Part 02 Wednesday, December 11, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Jaime Ingram 180 minutes
Session 04 Live Meeting Archicad - Revit Workflow  Monday, December 16, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Jaime Ingram 180 minutes
Session 05 Guest Lecture - Live Meeting Model Coordination with Solibri  Wednesday, December 18, 13:00 CET (Budapest) Oliver Szeleczky  90 minutes

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the principles of BIM and BIM standards and the role of a BIM Coordination through the project design stages
  • Learn how to start a BIM-enabled project taking into consideration the main international standards (ISO 19650)
  • Learn how to input and manage data in a model and how to transform this data in schedules, quantity take-offs and project deliverables
  • Learn how to approach specific modelling challenges in Archicad, such as split-level buildings, revisions and multiple renovation phases
  • Learn how to audit projects, to ensure model and data consistency, using both Archicad and Solibri
  • Be confident in setting up the IFC translators to achieve the best results when exporting or importing IFC files in order to collaborate efficiently with external consultants who use different software
  • Learn how to approach coordination with other consultants using IFC models and managing issues through BCF

Main Presenters 


Victor Tatrai 

Manager, Learn Program Content, Customer Success, Graphisoft

Victor is a Manager at Graphisoft and is responsible for the content of the Graphisoft Learn Program within the Customer Success mission. He's an architect born and raised in Brazil and currently residing in Budapest with double Brazilian-Hungarian citizenship, bringing a blend of technical expertise and cross-cultural experience to his role. He began his career as a Revit trainer, developing and delivering all-level courses in an Autodesk Training Center. After a few years, he discovered Archicad and joined Graphisoft Brazil as a partner, providing Archicad training and consultancy, implementing BIM in small to medium-sized offices, and selling Archicad licenses.

In his previous roles as Senior BIM Consultant and BIM Manager Program Lead in the Graphisoft Headquarters, he was responsible for developing and delivering top-notch training and consultancy services to a global audience with Graphisoft Learn; and leading international teams coordinating the BIM Manager Program on six different languages. He's an expert consultant in a variety of content, including but not limited to Office Management, BIM Implementation, Project Coordination, ISO 19650, Open BIM and IFC workflows, Data Management, Interoperability between Archicad and Revit, Template Creation, and various Archicad-related features and BIM workflows.


Marina Cabral 

Senior Professional Services Consultant, Customer Success, Graphisoft

Marina is a Senior Technical Consultant for the Global Professional Services at Graphisoft HQ, based in London. She is a Brazilian Architect, with a MA in Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings).
Marina has been using Archicad for the last 11 years. Before joining Graphisoft, she worked at JRA (John Robertson Architects) as an Architectural Designer where she was involved in several complex projects. She was involved on the office CAD group helping the development of templates, project audits, new staff training and taking the role of BIM Coordinator when necessary.
At Graphisoft, she is working on the development of the new Model and Office Management Bundles and supporting the BIM Manager Program.
She is a Graphisoft Certified Archicad BIM User, BIM Author and BIM Manager and Graphisoft Certified Professional Services Consultant.


Yasmin Herden 

Professional Services Consultant, Customer Success, Graphisoft

Yasmin is a Professional Services Consultant at Graphisoft HQ, specialised in BIM. She is a Brazilian Architect and Urban Planer, holding a certification for buildingSMART international. Prior to her role at Graphisoft, she served as a BIM Specialist at Königsberger Vannucchi, and contributed as a collaborator at LaBIM-SC, the BIM Laboratory of Santa Catarina State. Yasmin has also assisted Graphisoft Brazil developing and conducting training sessions as a Certified Archicad Trainer.


Oncsák Zsolt

Senior Professional Services Consultant, Customer Success, Graphisoft

Zsolt is a Senior Professional Services Consultant at Graphisoft mainly responsible for Graphisoft Learn related training materials. He's a Hungarian architect who's first job as a fresh graduate was a BIM modeler position at a BIM-specialized company. He quickly became very confident with BIM coordination participating in large-scale projects. Besides BIM related workflows he also got experience in architectural and interior design. The architectural mindset is the main driver of his way of creating and delivering trainings.


Moaaz Hassan

Professional Services Consultant, Customer Success, Graphisoft

Moaaz joined Graphisoft in 2021 as a Professional Services Consultant, mainly focusing on the structural design aspect of the integrated design process. He is graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt as a structural engineer. He has 5 Years of Experience in the field of structural design working in multi-disciplinary consultant offices. During this time, he has acquired an interest in BIM and the process of coordinating with other disciplines.  Working for Graphisoft, he is closer to the development of the Integrated Design Solution where he can provide his insights from a structural aspect. He develops training materials and workflow guides for the specialists working in the AEC industry.



Brendon Reid 

Director, Reidefine, Sydney, Australia

Brendon is the Director of Reidefine, a company founded from his passion for assisting design consultancies improve their competitiveness. By implementing holistic digital strategies and thought leadership, Brendon drives change and delivers improved business performance and culture. During his tenure at various multi-national organisations, Brendon’s leadership returned significant advances in productivity, consistency and quality. He has held various senior BIM roles, leading teams utilising both Archicad and Revit over the past 8 years and leading the delivery of architectural projects prior to this. His experience with Archicad began in 1994. As a specialist in his field, Brendon works with business of all sizes to identify opportunities to improve productivity through innovative digital process improvement. Brendon ensures there is always a strong emphasis on quality and consistency. On the weekend, Brendon still enjoys co-managing and playing competitive football, although the legs aren't getting any younger!


Nando Mogollon 

Digital Design Senior Consultant, BuilDIGITAL, Sydney, Australia

Nando Mogollon holds university degrees in Architecture and BIM Management, currently working as a Digital Design Senior Consultant with BuilDIGITAL, a BIM/Digital Engineering consulting company specialized in model coordination and integration services and OpenBIM advice to architectural and construction companies. As part of his current role, he is responsible for providing advice on digital engineering / BIM, information management, IFC-based interoperability and integration with other common digital tools. His career of over 20 years includes experience in large scale complex projects, participating in BIM coordination and  management, OpenBIM /IFC coaching and training using software tools such as Solibri, BIMCollab, Navisworks, Archicad and Revit. His skills had taken him to work in Australia, Canada, China, South Africa, and Colombia in South America, allowing him to get a wide understanding of several design, construction and digital practices in most major BIM software applications.

Nando is an active member of the digital engineering and BIM community and has participated as guest speaker at several local and international industry conferences over the past 10 years in multiple countries. Nando has been a member of the Colombian Association of Architects, the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada and other local associations. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia, with his family and usually attends local and online events.

Jaime Ingram

Architect, BIM Leader,, London, UK

Founder and BIM Lead at

After graduating as an architect in Spain, Jaime worked in Panama before moving to the UK to develop his architectural career as an early user of BIM and developer digital tools to improve the delivery of the build environment.

Specialised in bioclimatic design and energy efficiency through building information and energy modelling, he is experienced in working on innovative ways to drive efficiency in the design process, coordinate the different consultants' information models, developing clash detection and rule checks systems to deliver fully compliant designs in line with ISO 19650.


Oliver Szeleczky

BIM Consultant, Brick+Data, Budapest, Hungary

Oliver holds an Honours degree in Environmental Design from the University of British Columbia, currently working as a BIM Consultant with Brick+Data, a BIM consulting firm specializing in bringing digital evolution to the architecture and construction industry in Hungary.

As a versatile professional with a background in architectural design, urban planning, and project management, he brings a wide range of skills and experience. During his career, he participated in designing complex large projects, guided complex planning processes in Vancouver and managed diverse development projects. After contributing to the City of Vancouver's planning team, he relocated to Budapest, Hungary, transitioning into roles in project management and BIM consulting.

In his current capacity as a BIM (Building Information Management) consultant, he draws upon his extensive experience, honed through involvement in architectural design, real estate development and historical renovation projects.

Oliver is fluent in Solibri, ArchiCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. He firmly believes in the pivotal role of technology in the construction industry, driven by delivering measurable, science-backed solutions.

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Here is the course outline:


Oct 27

Welcome to the GRAPHISOFT BIM Coordinator Program

Learning Path 01 - The BIM Coordinator's Role

Oct 28

The focus of this Learning Path is the role of the BIM Coordinator in a BIM-enabled project. Therefore, the first   Learning Path will be dedicated to understanding the importance of this role and the tasks and responsibilities a BIM Coordinator will be required to perform throughout the design stages of a project. A brief introduction to the BIM definition and an industry overview will also be presented.

Learning Path 02 - Introduction to Standardized Workflows

Oct 30

The Introduction to Standardized workflows focuses on providing the foundation knowledge for the current standards around BIM workflow. BIM Coordinators will be presented with the most relevant standards, including ISO 19650. Participants will also have the opportunity to get a glimpse of BIMcloud and Archicad Template Creation.

Learning Path 03 - Project Startup Workflows

Nov 4

This Learning Path will focus on the project level. It is one of the core modules of the BIM Coordinator Program where participants will have the opportunity to dive into project start-up best practices. The main factors to consider before starting a Project will be presented as the main strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to translate the ISO 19650 requirements into the project level

Learning Path 04 - Data Production Workflows

Nov 11

This Learning Path will focus on the data production workflow. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the principles of data production in Archicad and dive deeper into how to use data for scheduling and quantity take-offs for both IFC exchanges and project delivery purposes. Participants will have the chance to be introduced to the expression-based property functionality in Archicad and how to use this to support data production.

Learning Path 05 - Project Development: Challenges and Deliverables

Nov 18

This Learning Path will focus on how a BIM Coordinator can overcome the most common challenges related to modelling in Archicad and how to achieve an efficient and standardized workflow for consistency in project deliverables. Challenges such as project phasing, split levels, and real-world coordinates will be covered, as well as production of specialized documentation such as reflected ceiling plans, site plans, and fire and acoustic strategies among others.

Learning Path 06 - Quality Assurance Workflows

Nov 27

This Learning Path will focus on how to keep your model consistent and avoid errors in Archicad. The basic quality assurance workflows and model checks in Archicad will be presented, as well as more advanced workflows such as graphic overrides, changing tracking, model comparison and issue management. Additionally, participants will have an overview of how to check a model using Solibri Office.

Learning Path 07 - Project Coordination Workflow

Dec 4

This Learning Path will focus on the project coordination workflow. Participants will learn the basics of the OpenBIM workflow, navigate through its principles and get familiar with its terminology. The IFC-based and integrated design model coordination workflows will be presented in detail. Fundamental aspects of these workflows will be explored such as IFC mapping, IFC translator settings and clash detection. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Archicad/Revit and Archicad/Solibri workflows for coordination purposes.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

INT Graphisoft Archicad BIM Coordinator Certificate
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